Walt Disney World, FL

I loved every minute of the time I spent at Walt Disney World. Even when it was so hot I had to search every store for a pair of shorts because I’d only packed for cooler weather. Even when I spent three hours in line to ride Flight Of Passage. Even when it suddenly turned from a nice day to a thunder storm and torrential rain. Animal Kingdom is my new favourite place on Earth.

Have you been to Walt Disney World? What is your favourite park – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios?

11 thoughts on “Walt Disney World, FL

    1. Ooh I’m jealous that you’ve been to Honk Kong, that’s next on my list when we can travel again! I hope you get to go to Orlando


    1. Oh I hope you get to go! It’s so fun, but so huge. I was so overwhelmed and even though I had 8 full days there it still wasn’t enough haha


    1. I’m always so jealous of your Disney photos haha. I hope you get to go to Orlando, you’ll love it! (Although Anaheim is still my favourite)


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